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BG’s Landscaping and Tree Service has been in business for over 25 years, serving the Low Country and surrounding areas. We take pride in bringing our expertise, dedication, and outstanding service to business and residential properties. 

Featured Services
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Tree Trimming

Trees are an important part of our habitat and landscape. At BG's Landscaping and Tree Service we care about your trees! Our goal is to help you preserve your trees and keep them healthy.

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Tree Removal

Eliminate Dangerous Trees in Your Yard. Schedule A Tree Removal Estimate Today! Our experts can help you remove your trees and maintain a healthy lawn.

Tree Stump Removal

BG's offers professional stump grinding and removal services that will help enhance the appearance and safety of your residential or commercial property.

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Storm Damage

BG's has years of experience providing emergency storm damage tree removal services for residential or commercial properties.

Lawn Maintenance

BG's offers lawn maintenance to help you keep your lawn maintained and your trees healthy and thriving. We offer month-to month mowing, edging, blowing and additional lawn and tree services as requested.

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Tree Pruning

BG's offers proper pruning services to remove dead and dying branches to maintain the health and safety of trees.

Certified Arborist

BG's Landscaping and Tree Service is a licensed and accredited tree, and lawn care provider. Our Certified Arborist utlitize their extensive knowledge to add value, and safety to every landscape.

Certified Tree Worker

With over 25 years of experience, BG's utilizes the most advanced equipment and technology to provide quality, reliable and efficient landscaping and tree services.

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